Where does Utah get its water?


Utah’s climate and geology offer several natural water sources. Various entities—counties, cities, water districts, wholesalers, and other water companies—tap these sources for public supply. Where does your water come from? Look up your water supplier and find out.

In 2012, Utah public water suppliers withdrew about 1.3 million acre-feet of water. Statewide, the largest sources were wells (33%), streams (25%), and lakes or reservoirs (13%).


While statewide numbers are useful, water sources vary by location. Suppliers it Salt Lake County rely on surface water from the Wasatch Mountains; streams and reservoirs accounted for 57% of total sources in 2012. Provo, on the other hand, took 47% of its supply from springs in Provo Canyon and 45% from valley groundwater wells in 2012.




Data: Utah Division of Water Rights

Robert B. Sowby

Robert B. Sowby is a water resources engineer at Hansen, Allen & Luce. A graduate of BYU, MIT, and the U, he has contributed to over 100 civil, water, and environmental projects throughout North America.

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