USGS unveils National Climate Change Viewer



The U.S. Geological Survey recently released the National Climate Change Viewer, a new online resource for visualizing projected climate-driven impacts.

The new tool allows users to visually examine climate data at local, regional, state, and watershed levels in the form of maps, climographs, time series, and downloadable summary reports like one for Utah. New updates include water-balance variables like precipitation, snow, runoff, and evaporation.

“The new USGS National Climate Change Viewer shows projected climate-driven challenges to watersheds and future water supplies across the United States,” Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell said in a press release. “This information will be valuable to the work of scientists, water and land managers, farmers and ranchers—as well as all interested citizens. . . . This will be a useful tool for planning how to manage, adapt to and mitigate climate change.”

Robert B. Sowby

Robert B. Sowby is a water resources engineer at Hansen, Allen & Luce. A graduate of BYU, MIT, and the U, he has contributed to over 100 civil, water, and environmental projects throughout North America.

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