North Davis Sewer District completes wastewater upgrades


The North Davis Sewer District recently completed major upgrades to its wastewater treatment facility in Syracuse, Utah.

“The purpose of the upgrade is to increase the solids treatment and handling capacity to serve needs through the year 2035,” said general manager Kevin R. Cowan. “The upgrades are complete and operational, although there are some punch-list items to be completed.”

The project is part of a suite of ongoing upgrades. The district expanded and improved its liquid treatment process from 2002 to 2007 and began planning for further work in 2009. The current project focuses on solids treatment, with upgrades to secondary digesters, primary sludge thickening, and cogeneration facilities. Future phases will address digesting and dewatering.

Serving the community since 1946, the district now collects wastewater from approximately 80 square miles with a population of about 200,000 and treats it at its facility near the shore of the Great Salt Lake. The district is committed to exceeding regulatory requirements and serving the public with integrity and skill.


Robert B. Sowby

Robert B. Sowby is a water resources engineer at Hansen, Allen & Luce. A graduate of BYU, MIT, and the U, he has contributed to over 100 civil, water, and environmental projects throughout North America.

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