Eric Jones

Eric Jones, P.E., has been working for the Division of Water Resources for four years in the Water Conservation and Education section. He loves Utah and the limitless possibilities for its lands and people. He is married to a wonderful woman that tolerates his unique views on life and their future. Together they have two wonderful children that bring meaning to the work Eric has been performing at the Division. Eric has investigated several issues facing the water conservation efforts of the Division and water providers throughout Utah. Including the cost of water, M&I water use rates, water efficiency rates of the state’s colleges and universities, and how to have a beautiful landscape while using water efficiently. Eric enjoys working for the people of Utah and hopes to be an efficient force in helping Utah reduce their water consumption by 25% before 2025.

Smart controllers

  With 64% of the residential water being used outdoors, Utahns can conserve millions of gallons annually if they water more efficiently. One of these ways is to use a smart controller that allows homeowners a more efficient way to irrigate, using only what the …

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